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For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

The successful sale of your home without using the services of a realtor depends greatly on your efforts and ability to market and present your home to potential buyers. Once you have that sale, it is equally important to create and file the legal documents necessary to complete the transaction. The FSBO Home Sale documents contained here are designed to allow you to:

1) enter into a contract for the sale of your home once you have marketed it to the public;

2) to provide your potential purchasers with the disclosures required by law; and

3) to permit you to transfer the title of your home to your purchasers. Some additional steps may be required depending on what arrangements you negotiate with the buyer, but the documents contained in this kit are designed to ensure that you can successfully sell and transfer ownership of your home.

Please note that each home sale transaction may be unique and that issues may arise in the transaction requiring additional or different steps to be taken. In some rare cases, additional forms and documents not contained here may be required. It is recommended that should any issues arise in the transaction that is not addressed by way of the documents here, a licensed attorney be contacted and legal advice sought. 

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