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Legal Document Assistant FAQs


Valiant Virtual Paralegals (VVP) is not a law firm. Valiant Virtual Paralegals (VVP) are not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice. Neither Valiant Virtual Paralegals (VVP) can represent you in court. Valiant Virtual Paralegals (VVP) can provide document preparation services at the client's direction. Services provided by Valiant Virtual Paralegals (VVP) are not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. If you have questions regarding the section on appropriate forms, you should seek the advice of a lawyer.

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What is a Legal Document Assistant (LDA)?

Any person who provides, or assists in providing for compensation, any self-services to a member of the public who is representing themselves in a legal matter. LDAs are Bonded & Registered non-attorneys professionals dedicated to serving the public who are seeking self-help support. Working with a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is a collaborative process. Services are specially designed for individuals who are representing themselves (In Pro Per), know what they want, and just need the paperwork prepared.

What services are included?

Flat fee service includes preparation, copies, assembly, and serving the other party by mail.   The court filing is not included. Regular updates are provided virtually and by email as your order progresses. Professional and efficient legal document preparation and processing assistance in your specific direction. 

Will I need an attorney?

Simple cases where parties are in agreement and working cooperatively do not typically need an attorney. Whenever possible, it is always well-considered to consult an attorney before taking any legal action. It may become imperative to hire an attorney if your case becomes contested or a dispute arises. Should legal guidance or legal advice become necessary, a referral to an attorney can be provided. If you have an attorney, we can also work with your attorney in tandem to provide unbundled legal services.

What is Self-Litigant? In Pro Per/Se?

A Self Litigant, In Pro Per or In Per Se is for persons using Self-help services including performing the following:

Completing legal documents in a ministerial manner, selected by a person who is representing themselves in a legal matter, by typing or otherwise completing the documents at the person’s specific direction.

Providing general published factual information that has been written or approved by an attorney, pertaining to legal procedures, rights, or obligations to a person who is representing themselves in a legal matter, to assist the person in representing themselves. This service, in and of itself, does not require registration as a legal document assistant.

Making published legal documents available to a person who is representing themselves in a legal matter.

Filing and serving legal forms and documents at the specific direction of a person who is representing themselves in a legal matter.

Is an LDA an Attorney?

Is an Legal Document Assistant an legal Attorney?

No, ¡No! Geen, Jo, አይ, لا,Ոչ, Yox, না, Ez, Не,Ne, မဟုတ်ဘူး, Dili, 不, Innò, Non, Huwag, Yox...

What is Legal Advice?

Questions related to:

What you should do;

What is legally required of you or the other party;

What are your legal obligations are;

If a law/procedure is applicable to your case;

Any explanations of your rights or the law;

are considered legal advice and should be discussed with a licensed attorney. ​Generally, the court's instructional packets thoroughly answer typical questions related to the legal process and procedure, however, they do not address case-specific issues. It's difficult to anticipate all the potential issues or questions that may arise in the course of a legal action.

What is the difference between a LDA and Paralegal?

While many Legal Document Assistants (LDAs) are Paralegals, in the state of California, only LDAs are bonded and registered to provide self-help services directly to the public without attorney supervision. Legal Document Assistants are formerly known as Independent Paralegals. The Paralegal Associations lobbied to change this to avoid confusion, however, consumers often refer to LDAs as "Paralegals". 

The LDA profession offers added consumer protections were working directly with a "Paralegal" would not. Individuals holdings themselves out as "Paralegals" while offering legal services directly to the public are unlawfully practicing law. In the industry, we referred to them as "Rouge Paralegals." If an issue were to arise with the "Rouge Paralegal", a consumer does not have the same protections and safeguards available that bonded and registered LDAs offer. If a Paralegal offers to assist you with your legal matter, ask them to provide the name, bar number, and telephone number of the attorney supervising their work. If an issue arises, you can see relief under the attorney's malpractice insurance. If the Paralegal cannot provide their supervising attorney's information, they are a "Rouge Paralegal." LDAs are required to publish their registration information on all solicitations or advertisements and on any printed papers or documents prepared or used by the LDA. You can also ask the LDA to present their LDA identification card as proof of registration. 

LDAs are also required to complete more continuing education than Paralegals

Can we help you?

In Pro Per (Self-representing) litigants are most successful when pairing unbundled legal services to fit their needs. Legal document preparation service is best paired with either the court self-help department or a limited scope attorney. 

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