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About Mediation

Mediation is a flexible, voluntary, and confidential form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in which a neutral third party helps parties work towards a negotiated settlement of their dispute, with the parties retaining control of the decision whether or not to settle and on what terms. Unlike a judge or arbitrator, the mediator does not decide the outcome of the case; however, we work to facilitate an agreement between the parties. 


Our Mediation Services offers a private forum in which the parties can gain a better understanding of each other's positions, and work together to explore options for resolution. Often, mediation presents the most $$ cost-effective means of dispute resolution for the parties. Our mediation services contain resources and partnerships when needed to help navigate the mediation process.


We are now conducting mediations by videoconference and telephone. The information in this section provides resources for parties to be able to fully participate in this new process. We use Online Video Conferencing platforms to conduct its mediations. 

Please review our Mediation FAQs for questions or concerns about participating in the virtual online mediation.

California Mailing Address: 6017 Snell Ave
San Jose, CA 95123


"They went above and beyond the call of duty. All the mediation process was first class, quick and professional. I absolutely will use your mediation service again. I highly recommend your services to anyone.”

David P. Los Angeles, CA

"This service is truly worth more than what they are charging. I would like to thank their helpful well knowledgeable, mediation staff for their great assistance."

Enesha M. San Francisco, CA

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